ACTIVITY: (Not) Speed Dating

Purpose: This exercise helps build cohesion, gets clients interacting and helps with practicing communication skills. Materials needed: Anything that makes a loud enough sound to get the clients’ attention (e.g., a bell, a gong, a loud voice) Instructions/Steps: Provide the clients an overview of the activity by saying that the clients will walk around the … Continue reading ACTIVITY: (Not) Speed Dating

TIP AND ACTIVITY: Shifting the Shape of Group and Stress-related Activities

One of the primary ways to keep groups engaged is to shift the shape of group every 15-20 minutes.  By this I mean that you are changing or shifting the modality you are using frequently so that clients are not drifting off.  For example, I might start group by doing a teaching piece about stress.  … Continue reading TIP AND ACTIVITY: Shifting the Shape of Group and Stress-related Activities

Activity: Values Reaper

Purpose: This exercise helps with values clarification, increases awareness of thoughts/feelings in the moment, and begins the conversation about locus of control. Materials needed: 5 blank index cards per client, pens Instructions/Steps: Have a discussion about values, both inner values – guiding principles (honesty, respect, kindness, integrity) and external values (family, friends, health, employment, finances, … Continue reading Activity: Values Reaper

Activating the here-and-now

Most often, activities or worksheets presented in manualized curricula reference “there and then” issues, meaning they ask the clients to use as a reference their past offenses or experiences.  This results in talking “about” the issues as opposed to actively working “with” the issues as they come up.  Further, numerous things distort the client’s conception … Continue reading Activating the here-and-now