TIP: Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence out-predicts IQ in terms of performance, happiness and engagement at work.  Emotional intelligence has been around for a while and was part of our lay-person vocabulary since Daniel Goleman brought it out for public consumption in 1995.   Since then, there has been so much wonderful research on the power of emotional intelligence.  One … Continue reading TIP: Emotional Intelligence

ACTIVITY: New Year’s Resolutions

Purpose: To help clients set goals for the new year Materials Needed: magazines, glue sticks, scissors, blank paper or poster board Instructions/Steps The beginning of the New Year is a commonly accepted time to identify new resolutions and goals for the upcoming year. Goal Setting Review Discuss the following: *What is a goal? (“a dream … Continue reading ACTIVITY: New Year’s Resolutions

ACTIVITY: Victim, Rescuer, Persecutor Triangle

Purpose: This activity helps people understand thinking errors associated with certain roles that they play.  It is also a helpful way of finding ways out of these roles. Materials needed: Masking tape taped on the ground in the form of a triangle. Mark the points of the triangle: victim, rescuer, persecutor. Instructions/Steps: Explain to the … Continue reading ACTIVITY: Victim, Rescuer, Persecutor Triangle