Purpose: This activity helps facilitate learning around expressing and identifying emotions

Materials Needed: Cards with different emotions written on them


  1. Ask two members of group to pretend to be sitting on a park bench talking about whatever they would like (sports, weather, etc.). Their job is to enact an emotion you give them without stating what emotion it is.
  2. Once the two members are ready, ask them to pick an emotion card.
  3. As the group to guess what emotions each of them are enacting as they have a conversation on the park bench.
  4. Switch out the participants as the group members guess the emotions correctly.

Talking Points:

  • Ask the actors how it was for them to enact different emotions. Which ones were hard for them, which ones were easy?
  • Ask the group members who guessed the emotions what gave it away?
  • Emphasize the importance of reading other people. Ask how this skill is helpful.

Starts the learning around: Identifying emotions

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