ACTIVITY: Spotting Thinking Errors

Purpose: To increase awareness of thinking errors and what to do about them Materials needed: Paper and pens Instructions/Steps: Begin this activity by talking about thinking errors.  What are thinking errors?  (Irrational patterns of thinking; they are thought habits but even though they are not entirely based in reality, we believe them deeply; they are … Continue reading ACTIVITY: Spotting Thinking Errors

TIP: Tell-Show-Try: The rhythm of a CBT group

Often, a cognitive-behavioral group, or a group that focuses on skill teaching, will have a certain rhythm or format to it to ensure that skill-learning is happening effectively.  Here is a simple structure that might help: SET AGENDA: This is a structuring statement that sets the tone for the group describing how the group will … Continue reading TIP: Tell-Show-Try: The rhythm of a CBT group

Activity: Anger and the Things we Carry

Purpose: This activity can be used to explore themes around anger and letting go of anger. Materials: enough stones and rocks for each group member to have multiple stones, a handout with the words I’m Angry About… written across the top Instructions/Steps: Place a container of rocks and stones next to the facilitator. Each group … Continue reading Activity: Anger and the Things we Carry