ACTIVITY: Thinking Error Thumb-ball (credit to Mandi Rogers)

At a recent Driving with Care training, Mandi used this activity that I thought was so fun and wanted to share with everyone. Thanks, Mandi!  I have changed it slightly… And I also should acknowledge that this is the third activity in a row on thinking errors.  I am definitely on a roll, here!  But, … Continue reading ACTIVITY: Thinking Error Thumb-ball (credit to Mandi Rogers)

ACTIVITY: Thinking Error Pairs

Purpose: Deepen learning around thinking errors; help clients recognize and name thinking errors Materials: A list of thinking errors and one example for each; index cards of two colors Steps: This activity requires a little bit of preparation. On one set of index cards, write down the names of thinking errors (e.g., catastrophizing, minimizing, discounting … Continue reading ACTIVITY: Thinking Error Pairs