ACTIVITY: Building Empathy – Starting with Me

Purpose: This activity helps start the conversation around empathy and understanding why people feel and act in certain ways. Materials needed: Large pieces of paper, sticky notes, markers Instructions/Steps: Break the group up into smaller groups of 3s or 4s. Hand each group a large piece of paper, sticky notes and markers. Ask the groups … Continue reading ACTIVITY: Building Empathy – Starting with Me

ACTIVITY: And versus But

Purpose: This activity helps clients explore communication skills and managing difficult situations. Materials Needed: None Instructions/Steps: Ask the clients to get into pairs and decide who will go first. Tell them you will throw out a sentence for them to complete. Whoever goes first, completes the sentence, the other person says, “Yes, but…” and provides … Continue reading ACTIVITY: And versus But

ACTIVITY: Relapse Cards in Client Language

This is an addendum to the Relapse Prevention Activity posted last week. Several folks in my group facilitation class last week asked me for more client-appropriate words I use for the relapse process. So, here they are: Things happen in Life I want to feel different right now Urges/Cravings This decision is totally justified and … Continue reading ACTIVITY: Relapse Cards in Client Language