Purpose: This activity can be used to discuss communication and listening skills as foundational skills for healthy relationships.

Materials: paper, writing instrument, a clipboard for each pair, and copies of the pictures to be drawn


  1. Break the group into pairs. Each pair should have a couple sheets of paper, a clipboard, and a writing instrument.
  2. Ask each person to sit back-to-back with their partner. Choose one player to be the “describer” and one player to be the “drawer”. Facilitator goes up to each describer and provides a copy of a simple picture they are going to describe to their drawer to draw.
  3. Without naming what it is, the describer attempts to describe the thing and the drawer attempts to draw a picture of what is being described.
  4. Ideas for simple drawings could include: a tree, a house, a sailboat, a sun.
  5. For example, instructions for drawing of a tree might be: draw a cloud shape; underneath and connected to the cloud shape, draw a vertical rectangular shape open at the bottom.
  6. When the drawing is complete, let the drawer see the original drawing. Then swap roles.
  7. Facilitator comes by again and provides another copy of a picture to be drawn.
  8. Swap roles as many times as wanted or needed.

Talking Points:

  • What did you notice about your communication style? What did you notice about your listening style?
  • What do you think you need to work on to be a better communicator or listener?
  • How does your communication or listening style affect your relationships, personal and professional?
  • Was any information you provided completely misunderstood by your partner? What was your reaction to that? In your relationship with others, is this your typical reaction to being misunderstood and if so, is it helpful or harmful?

Starts the learning around: communication


  1. A co- worker and I did this group with our clients they loved it and was very happy about doing it. So i can say that it was a hit and we will be using it in the future


    • Hi Melissa,

      That’s fantastic to hear! Thank you for sharing your success with us. Makes me so happy!


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