ACTIVITY: Things I Wish I Had Been Told

Purpose: To develop alternatives to deeply held beliefs

Materials needed: A large sheet of paper that all members can color on at the same time and color pens


  1. This is a pretty powerful activity, so adjust the pace as needed.
  2. Share with clients that there are many things we are told as we are growing up that are hurtful or painful and end up impacting our lives.
  3. There are things we wish we had heard as kids (e.g., you are lovable; everything always works out; you are powerful; you have the ability to do anything you want). This group is focused on building this.
  4. As a group we will create a big poster of things we wish we had heard.
  5. Using the markers and paper provided, write down, statements you wish you had heard. These could be about you, about the way the world works, about your worth, or how things are going to work out.
  6. Once the group is done, ask them to walk around what they have made and read what people have written.
  7. Ask them to choose three that are most impactful to them. Ask them to share these with the group.
  8. Challenge them to remember these and use them when things get rough.

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