ACTIVITY: Blind Drawing

Purpose: Practice communication skills

Materials needed: Paper and pens; shape options from this shapes document


  1. Divide your group into pairs. Ask them to sit with their backs toward each other.
  2. Give one person a picture from the shapes document.
  3. The other person will have a blank sheet of paper and a pen.
  4. The person with the picture must not show the other person the image. Instead, they are to describe the image to the best of their ability, while the other team member is to draw what is being described.
  5. Once done, they share what they came up with
  6. Discuss the difficulty in communication, how specific we sometimes need to be, and how even though we think we are communicating clearly, the receiver might have a completely different understanding of what we said.
  7. Repeat this activity a few times to see what strategies people use to get better.

Starts the learning around: Communication skills

2 thoughts on “ACTIVITY: Blind Drawing

  1. I recently did this activity with a group but utilized groups of 3, where two people were drawing based on one person’s description. It really hit home how one person’s communication could be interpreted completely differently between people.


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