Spotlight on…the Group Therapist’s Self-Regulation

This post is courtesy of Alix McMurray, a therapist in Sterling who has keen insight into group facilitation and the complexities involved. Please let us know what you think by adding a comment.

In trauma informed treatment training, we learn that self-regulation is a gift that keeps on giving.  We model calmness and mindfulness for our clients, have them do breathing and visualization exercises and teach them that suffering is a choice, not an inevitability.  When we ourselves are successfully self-regulating, we can retrieve a broader array of interventions from our memory bank, implement them more smoothly, and have the good humor to handle therapeutic pratfalls when they happen.

Your ability to self-regulate will allow you to “draw deep” during tense or chaotic moments in group and transform those moments into learning for your clients (and yourself!)  If you are willing and make the effort to find your center during troubled times, your calm mindfulness will become a renewable resource that you and your clients will benefit from.  Once refreshed, you are better able to implement more complex interventions and to see them through, allowing the fullness of the learning to unfold.

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