ACTIVITY: Holiday Snapshots

Purpose: To develop relapse prevention skills Materials: Paper, pens Instructions/Steps: Invite participants to write down a memory of a holiday party/gathering in which they ended up slipping, lapsing, or relapsing as a result of being there. Ask participants to identify any key people that were present. Write down any important words/phrases of things that were … Continue reading ACTIVITY: Holiday Snapshots

ACTIVITY: Giving and Receiving Feedback

The idea of this activity came from Rafael Torres. Thank you, Rafael! Purpose: To help clients increase awareness of their emotions when giving and receiving feedback, and develop self-regulation techniques Materials: None Instructions/Steps: Share with clients that sometimes giving and receiving feedback can be difficult. We often have big emotional reactions to feedback. Sometimes they … Continue reading ACTIVITY: Giving and Receiving Feedback


Purpose: To help clients identify the differences between passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive and assertive styles of communication. Materials: 4 slips of paper for each client, pens, masking tape Instructions/Steps: This exercise follows an explanation of the different communication styles. Provide clients information about different communication styles including passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, and assertive. Once you think the … Continue reading ACTIVITY: COMMUNICATION STYLES


The idea for this exercise came from Andrea H. at the Driving w/ Care training I facilitated in Colorado Springs. Purpose: To challenge thinking errors and develop consequential thinking. Materials: none Instructions/Steps: Facilitate a discussion about how thinking errors are distortions of reality or misperceptions of the truth. Now ask one client to share one … Continue reading ACTIVITY: PUTTING THOUGHTS TO COURT

ACTIVITY: Values Reaper with a Twist

This activity is thanks to Rafael Torres who gave me this modification for an activity I posted about a year ago. Purpose: This exercise helps with values clarification, increases awareness of thoughts/feelings in the moment, and begins the conversation about locus of control. Materials needed: 1 sheet of paper per client, pens Instructions/Steps: Have a … Continue reading ACTIVITY: Values Reaper with a Twist