Purpose: To help clients identify the differences between passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive and assertive styles of communication. Materials: 4 slips of paper for each client, pens, masking tape Instructions/Steps: This exercise follows an explanation of the different communication styles. Provide clients information about different communication styles including passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, and assertive. Once you think the … Continue reading ACTIVITY: COMMUNICATION STYLES


The idea for this exercise came from Andrea H. at the Driving w/ Care training I facilitated in Colorado Springs. Purpose: To challenge thinking errors and develop consequential thinking. Materials: none Instructions/Steps: Facilitate a discussion about how thinking errors are distortions of reality or misperceptions of the truth. Now ask one client to share one … Continue reading ACTIVITY: PUTTING THOUGHTS TO COURT

ACTIVITY: Values Reaper with a Twist

This activity is thanks to Rafael Torres who gave me this modification for an activity I posted about a year ago. Purpose: This exercise helps with values clarification, increases awareness of thoughts/feelings in the moment, and begins the conversation about locus of control. Materials needed: 1 sheet of paper per client, pens Instructions/Steps: Have a … Continue reading ACTIVITY: Values Reaper with a Twist

ACTIVITY – The Stories We Tell

Materials needed: None Instructions/Steps: Explain to the group that when we experience someone’s behavior that doesn’t feel good or we don’t quite understand, we make assumptions about why they did what they did. We essentially assume what their intention was – we tell a story in our head.  Unfortunately, we tend to believe these stories, … Continue reading ACTIVITY – The Stories We Tell