ACTIVITY: Sorting Commonalities

Purpose: To develop cohesion and practice starting conversations Materials: None Steps/Instructions: Ask group participants to walk around the room. When you say stop, you will call out a particular category (e.g., favorite season; number of siblings; favorite movie type; etc.). They will then have to organize themselves into smaller groups based on that category. Once … Continue reading ACTIVITY: Sorting Commonalities

Activity: Emotion Ladder

The idea for this activity came from a recent training I did with BTS clinical staff. Thank you! Purpose: To build emotional vocabulary Materials: Vignettes describing different situations Steps/Instructions: Discuss with clients that any emotion (anger for example) has different levels to it. For example, annoyed sits on a different place than irate. Ask clients … Continue reading Activity: Emotion Ladder

ACTIVITY: Emotional Vocabulary and Empathy

Purpose: To increase emotional vocabulary and practice empathy Material needed: Magazines that have pictures of people in them; scissors; index cards Instructions: Start by talking about emotions and how many different words we have to describe our emotions. Unfortunately, we sometimes get stuck describing our emotions the same way (e.g., “fine”; “angry”). Explain to the … Continue reading ACTIVITY: Emotional Vocabulary and Empathy

ACTIVITY:In Three Words

This activity was inspired by Lynn at All-Health Network. Purpose: An introduction activity; practicing social skills; could potentially be about identity Materials Needed: Sticky notes, pens Instructions/Steps: Hand each group member at least 4 sticky notes and a pen. Explain that this activity is about highlighting our most salient roles and identities. Now ask the … Continue reading ACTIVITY:In Three Words