ACTIVITY:In Three Words

This activity was inspired by Lynn at All-Health Network. Purpose: An introduction activity; practicing social skills; could potentially be about identity Materials Needed: Sticky notes, pens Instructions/Steps: Hand each group member at least 4 sticky notes and a pen. Explain that this activity is about highlighting our most salient roles and identities. Now ask the … Continue reading ACTIVITY:In Three Words

TIP AND ACTIVITY: Shifting the Shape of Group and Anger-related Activities

I recently facilitated a group training for counselors and was talking about the need to shift the shape of group every 15-20 minutes. They reminded me of the importance of this and asked that I post something about it again - so here goes: One of the primary ways to keep groups engaged is to … Continue reading TIP AND ACTIVITY: Shifting the Shape of Group and Anger-related Activities

ACTIVITY: New Year’s Resolutions

Purpose: To develop goals for the next year Materials: magazines, glue sticks, scissors, blank paper or poster board (11’’17’’) Instructions/Steps: Discuss the following: *What is a goal? (“a dream with a deadline”; an observable and measurable end result.) *What are the benefits of setting a goal? *What are different areas of your life to set … Continue reading ACTIVITY: New Year’s Resolutions

ACTIVITY: Holiday Snapshots

Purpose: To develop relapse prevention skills Materials: Paper, pens Instructions/Steps: Invite participants to write down a memory of a holiday party/gathering in which they ended up slipping, lapsing, or relapsing as a result of being there. Ask participants to identify any key people that were present. Write down any important words/phrases of things that were … Continue reading ACTIVITY: Holiday Snapshots